Advanced deposits must be paid at the time for filing.

(Except: The answer to the original petition may be filed without a deposit - R.S.13:843 - or - in Pauper proceedings.)
Original petition (with "1" defendant) $250.00
Each additional defendant $ 75.00
Secretary of state service $ 75.00
Curator fee deposit $100.00
  Curator fee deposit (ex process) $ 50.00
Petition with rule $300.00
Petition with restraining order $350.00
Expungement petition - one criminal case number per suit $300.00
    If hearing is required - additional $175.00
  The following are needed - postal money orders (these do not expire)  
Bureau of criminal ID & info $250.00
    Ouachita Parish Sheriff office  $50.00
    Ouachita Parish district atty office $ 50.00
Supplemental &/or amending petition $250.00
Reconventional demand $250.00
3RD party demand/cross-claim/intervention $250.00
Cases docketed under same number $250.00
Rule or other proceeding requiring service $275.00
Evictions (one defendant &/or all other occupants) $300.00
  Each additional defendant $ 75.00
Clerks docket suits ($5,000 claim or less) $150.00
  (Code of civil procedure art for 911)  
  Each additional defendant $ 75.00
Successions/Tutorships/interdiction/emancipation $250.00
Small succession (petition through judgment - one time filing)            1/2 of total (except for recording and copies)
Name change with judgment $150.00
Adoption $250.00
  Curator fee for adoption $150.00
Medical review $250.00
Judicial comment $250.00
Exhibits- per page $ 2.00
  (CD's space will be opened and pages counted @ $2.00 per page)  
All other exhibits - each $ 5.00
Petition/order with all notices for appeal $ 75.00
***Preparing record for 2nd circuit will be an additional cost***
Revised February 4, 2016  
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